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What did prohibition prohibit?

"Prohibition" commonly refers to the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibited the manufacture, sale, transportation, importation and exportation of alcoholic be (MORE)

What was prohibition?

National Prohibition of alcohol in the US outlawed the production, transportation and sale (but not the consumption) of alcoholic beverages. The movement began in the mid-nin (MORE)

Why was prohibition enacted?

In an unsuccessful effort to prevent people from drinking alcoholic  beverages.    The social movements at the time portrayed the use of alcohol as  contributing to v (MORE)
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Why was there prohibition in the 1920s?

"Concern over excessive alcohol consumption" in America began in  the Colonial era, and later, the "temperance" movement sought to  reduce alcohol intake. Essentially, it ha (MORE)

Is gambling prohibited?

Yes, gambling is prohibited and gambler is sinful in religion.    Quran says (meaning English translation): " ... Intoxicants and  gambling,..., are an abomination of (MORE)