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What is a project?

  what is a project, territory, decimal, reject audit, audible, dejected, subterranean terrestrial, audience, auditorium, injection, eject, decimeter, decathlon, terrain, (MORE)

How do you do a project?

if you are in partners make sure your partner does all of the work if you are by yourself copy a project off the computer;) Only do if you want a bad grade.
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What are the projects?

you might need to refrase the question............... --- You need to learn how to spell "rephrase". Public housing in the United States has been administered by federal, st (MORE)

Will you do my project?

Dear Student, it is with great courage that you embark upon a course for the self improvement, learning new skills and developing yourself spiritually, however you must rememb (MORE)
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What did you do in project?

i had done all the government paper things with district development commite,i had inspected the sites for the improved cooking stove,most of the people in g no wards are marg (MORE)
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What is projecter?

A projector is an object that is used to project the light rays on  an apparatus with lenses that are used for the projection of the  films on the screen.