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What causes mitral valve prolapse?

  Answer   MVP (mitral valve prolapse) is generally considered to be present at birth, although quite often it isn't diagnosed until one's twenties. Usually MVP is (MORE)

What can you do about a rectum prolapse to a dog?

  Seek immediate veterinary care if you suspect your dog has a prolapsed rectum. It requires immediate attention as infection and inability to eliminate results quickly. T (MORE)
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What is the first step to take when the cord is prolapsed?

Umbilical cord prolapse is what happens when the cord comes out  before the baby emerges. The first and most important step to take  when this happens is for someone to take (MORE)

Why does mitral valve prolapse occur more often than tricuspid prolapse?

Because there is much more pressure on the mitral valve. Mitral valve prolapse occur more often than tricuspid valve prolapses because the mitral valve is attached to the left (MORE)