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What are peroxisome proliferators?

Answer . the proliferators are what the peroxisomes use to help break down the hydrogen peroxide. They do this because hydrogen peroxide is harmuful towards the cell.
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What is brand proliferation?

Brand proliferation is when a firm puts out new brand names under the same product lines.\n. \nFor example, Huggies is a firm owned by Kimberley-Clark. Huggies is best known ( Full Answer )
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What are proliferous parasites?

Proliferous parasites are those that proliferate, or reproducefreely and rapidly, within the human body. Such parasites can causethe host serious problems by reaching dangerou ( Full Answer )
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What does proliferation mean?

Proliferation means growth and expansion. Usually in pathology this is used in the context of cancer diagnosis and indicates a worse outcome for the patient.
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What is the meaning of proliferation?

giving life to either an abstract or concrete....can be nuclear, chemical weapon or cell proliferation.
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What is clonal proliferation?

Clonal proliferation is the concept of daughter cells arising fromone cell originally. This means they all share the same antigenspecificity.
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What is horizontal proliferation?

Horizontal Proliferation is trying to stop the increase in the amount of countires with nuclear weapons.
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How do bacteria proliferate?

99% of the time its simple asexual fission; one cell splits onto two. Rarely (usually in times of famine) the will undergo various forms of sexual merging (partial or comple ( Full Answer )
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What is service proliferation?

The world becoming more complicated and sophisticated due to the technological revolution and the customers awareness level has been increased as a result service provider sho ( Full Answer )
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What is weapon proliferation?

The process of uranium(or plutonium) enrichment from low concentration to high. usually the concentration of 90% or more is considered a weapons use concentration, and can be ( Full Answer )