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What is promiscuous?

Answer . It means you "sleep around"... but don't do much sleeping.. Having a sex life with multiple partners, often ones who are barely known to you.

What is the definition of promiscuous?

Promiscuous means: 1. characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling orassociation, esp. having sexual relations with a number of partnerson a casual basis. 2. consisti (MORE)
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What causes promiscuity?

promiscuity is either caused by,when a girl in her young life is raped or she got it from her mothers side(if her mom is one)or was

Promiscuous in a sentence?

The child is acting out in a very promiscuous manner.. Brittney Spears is known to be very promiscuous.. troublesome lacking in self respect: cofused} {flirtatious}

Promiscuity in a sentence?

She's a teen runway with a criminal record and a long history of promiscuity . Drug abuse and promiscuity were part of her past, but now she's a stable, loving mother. (MORE)

Why is a narcissist promiscuous?

Narcissists do not see women in a healthy way. They are unable to see a woman as cute (i.e. sweet) and sexy at the same time. No, narcissists categorize women into one of two (MORE)

Were The Beatles promiscuous?

John and Paul have both said they had a large number of sexual partners - before they were famous, they worked in the red light district of Hamburg and Paul has pointed out th (MORE)

What is promiscuous mode?

In computer networking, a device on a LAN (local area network) isonly supposed to (and expected to) receive and respond to packetmessages directed to that devices address. In (MORE)