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Who did God promise the Promised Land to?

Abraham    ANOTHER ANSWER:    In the final analysis, the "Promised LAND" God vowed to  "Abraham's descendants" is revealed to be THE WHOLE  EARTH. More precise (MORE)

Were the Israelites the people who were promised the Promised Land?

Yes. According to the Bible, God promised the Land of Israel to Abraham and his descendants, the Israelites, in Genesis 17: 8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after (MORE)

Why was Moses not allowed into the promised land?

Moses was allowed in the promised land but he died and went up because he portrayed God as an angry God.Even though he did God's work, Moses was ignorant and was angered becau (MORE)

What land did the Lord promise Abraham?

God promised 'the seed of Abraham' the land 'from the River of Egypt (south) to the River Euphrates'(north) (Genesis 15:18, Exodus 23:31, Deuteronomy 1:7+8, 11:24) but it took (MORE)

Is the Philistines the Promised Land?

The Philistines were several groups of sea-faring people who lived within the biblical promised land. The Bible states that these groups were destroyed, but modern scholarship (MORE)

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