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What does pronator mean for shoes?

If you are a pronator, you need to run in a stability shoe. The amount you pronate will depend on the amount of support you need in the shoe. There are other factors like your ( Full Answer )
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How do you know whether you are a pronator or a non-pronator?

Pronators toe out when they run. the lose the power of guadracepts and have to drag themselves with their calves. the also lose about an inch per stride depending on how bad t ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between supination and pronation?

Pronation is a inward rotation of the arm or the foot, supination is an outward rotation (the opposite). Pronation roughly means downward facing. Examples of this would be tur ( Full Answer )
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What are supination and pronation?

An example of supination would be turning the hand so the palm is upward, and pronation is turning of the hand so the palm is facing posteriorly. Pronation derives from prone ( Full Answer )
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What is the relationship between supinators and pronator?

It is about whether your ankles roll in or out too much when you run. The issue didn't exist until the modern running shoe started promoting heel striking. When you land on a ( Full Answer )
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What is excessive pronation?

When foot pronation becomes extreme from the foot turning in and dropping beyond the normal limit, a condition known as excessive pronation creates a mechanical problem in the ( Full Answer )