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What is a propane vaporizer?

Propane vaporizers are used to supply high demand appliances that utilize propane vapor for combustion. Vaporizers use an external heat source to heat liquid propane at a rate (MORE)

Is propane a hydrocarbon?

Yes. A hydrocarbon is an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogens. Propane has the molecular formula of C 3 H 8 .

Where do i get propane?

propane can be found all over. Small containers of propane used for tailgating grills, small heaters and torches can be found at hardware stores and even walmart. larger tanks (MORE)

How do you get propane?

I get mine in exchangeable 5 gallon containers and also delivered by truck to my 1000 gallon tank behind the house.

What can propane do to you?

Thew most important use is as fuel; for other applications see the link below. If we are discussing proper use of propane, it can kill you, it can keep you warm, and it can (MORE)

What is in a atom of propane?

An atom of propane is a hydrocarbon of the alkane group, it's chemical formula is C4H10, it is a short chain molecule as it only has 4 atoms of carbon in its molecule.