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How do you bathe properly?

I consider that I take a bathe properly and these are the steps : Rinse your hair before doing any other crap wash your hair using a shampoo TWICE wash your body p (MORE)

What rhymes with properly?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nImproperly. There is more than one way to write poetry more easily. Start with your first sentence and use the the last word of that sentence to rhym (MORE)

How do you kneel properly?

Go down on one (usually your right) knee, as if you were performed a genuflection, then move your knee under you, then fold your hands in the "prayer" position (hands straight (MORE)

How can you flirt properly?

There is no real way to flirt with someone. Don't do the whole "flip your hair, touch his arm" stuff, that goes a little overboard and it looks like you're trying too hard to (MORE)
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How do you shower properly?

Well... first you clean yourself with a washcloth for about 10-20 seconds on each part. Then you shampoo your hair and make sure you make your head all sudsey so you get non o (MORE)
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How do you smile properly?

As long as you smile with all your heart, that is a perfect smile, although, never say "Cheese" because it looks like your gritting your teeth.

How do you fast properly?

Well it depends on what type of religion you are. Different religions fast in different ways. My religion fasts by eating no vegetables, salt, corn syrup, or anything like tha (MORE)

How do you brake properly?

Proper Braking of a vehicle(with drum brakes) depends on two reasons:- 1>The level of brake oil is proper 2>The brake shoes are in good condition And further ensure that the (MORE)