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How do you know that RAM was installed properly?

  Installing RAM in matched pairs speeds up the performance of certain applications. When it's a requirement, as in computers with the Mac G5 chip(s), the computer will no (MORE)

Why isn't my computer working properly?

Hi guys, sorry this isn't the answer, it's my question but i thought i'd put a bit more info on it to help anyone work out the problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 640m laptop, i (MORE)

Why is it important to wear your uniform properly?

To show proffesionalism in your appearance and Esprit de Corps. You would not likely go up to someone with his/her shirt hanging out, shoes unshined, cap on crooked and stains (MORE)

How do you properly vent a toilet?

either a low heel 90 with the vent on top, or a running vent with a wye or combo turned up to at least a 45 so the vent opening is above the centerline of the drain pipe can a (MORE)

How do you properly handle a floppy disk?

3.5" floppy: Keep the floppy disk away from magnets, static areas (TVs and some fabrics), and areas with high humidity and/or extreme temperatures. Leave the metallic shutter (MORE)

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How do you kiss properly?

Answer   Don't worry so much about the techniques and doing it 'properly,' I promise it will come to you when you start kissing, at first you may be a little nervous but (MORE)

How do you properly anchor a sailboat offshore?

  You need to carefully choose a spot that is protected from wind and waves. Look for a smooth and even bottom, ideally no deeper than 15 feet. To properly anchor, you mus (MORE)
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How do you shower properly?

Well... first you clean yourself with a washcloth for about 10-20 seconds on each part. Then you shampoo your hair and make sure you make your head all sudsey so you get non o (MORE)