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What is property?

Property is the ownership of a thing is the right of one or morepersons to possess and use it to the exclusion of others. Goodsrefer to what is owned.

What are properties?

Properties can be defined as specific states of matter and physicalproperties are used to describe and observe matter. In science,properties include gas, solid, or liquid.

What is a property?

CHEMISTRY / PHYSICS A property is a physical or chemical characteristic of a substance. LEGAL Property is something you own. The term "a property" usually refersto land or (MORE)

What is the commutative property and What is the associative property?

Binary operations can have commutative and associative properties. Binary operations are essentially rules that tell you how to combine two elements to make a third (they need (MORE)
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When is your property not your property?

It is not your property when you have sold it to someone else or when you have not payed your rent or money off. If you have not keep up on your payments you can possibly lose (MORE)

What property is a chemical property?

I think this a question about the difference between the definition of a chemical property and a physical property of the changes between two different materials after a react (MORE)

What is the property of associative properties?

The ASSOCIATIVE property states that the order in which the binary operation denoted by ~ is carried out does not matter. Symbolically, (a ~ b) ~ c = a ~ (b ~ c) and (MORE)