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What are prophecies?

Bible prophecies are " history told inadvance ." They are Divinely-revealed warnings and instruction from God to Hisservants the prophets, regarding future things that shal (MORE)
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What are prophecys?

The word prophecy means, that god reveals what he is going to do , it need not be the near future, but it will certainly happen. And the men who will reveal what god is going (MORE)

What is a Bible Prophecy?

A Bible prophecy is when GOD 'spoke' to men and told them what willhappen in the near or distant future. - Brad Watson Answer: Prophecies are foretelling of future events tha (MORE)

How do you create a prophecy?

You need to: 1. make it base of a true event that's GOING to happen in the plot 2. Make it seem strange, indirect riddles, that often mean something you think might happen (MORE)

How many prophecies?

You ask how many prophecies, concerning what? There were generally considered about 333 prophecies about Jesus first coming. Jesus fulfilled all 333 prophecies. There are many (MORE)

What are Isaiah prophecies?

Isaiah main prophecies are the birth of the savior Jesus Christ to a virgin. That he would stand trial for mankind, and like lamb was sent to the slaughter.

Why is a prophecy important?

Jesus gave a good example in Matthew 24 as to why Prophecy is important. Jesus told the disciples that when they saw the "abomination of desolation" stand in the holy place th (MORE)

What is the prophecy of Micah about?

The book of Micah is a warning of judgment from God Almighty. It is a warning to those who sin and those who oppress others. In Micah 6:8 we have that well known verse where (MORE)