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What are prophecies?

Bible prophecies are "history told in  advance."    They are Divinely-revealed warnings and instruction from God to His  servants the prophets, regarding future thing (MORE)
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What are prophecys?

  The word prophecy means, that god reveals what he is going to do , it need not be the near future, but it will certainly happen. And the men who will reveal what god is (MORE)

How does prophecy comes?

Prophecy comes from God through the medium of the Holy Spirit. Not only are His servants called to prophicy, but a righteous father may receive prophecy with regards to his ow (MORE)

What is Hera's Prophecy?

Gaia, seeking revenge because of Olympians' imprisonment of the Titans in Tartarus, called up the Giants to battle against the Olympians. Hera said, however, that the Giants c (MORE)
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What is Banquo's prophecy?

Banquo had three prophecies: 1. "You are lesser than Macbeth but also greater." 2. "You are not as happy as Macbeth, yet much happier." 3. "Your descendants will be kings but (MORE)

What is Prophecy about in The Bible?

Prophecy is all about letting the faithful of God know in advance,  what God is going to do, that they might prepare for it.    "Blessed is the one who reads the words (MORE)

What were Isaiah's prophecies?

The number of prophecies supposedly found in the Book of Isaiah varies according to the enthusiasm of the person looking for those prophecies. The most famous such prophecy co (MORE)