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Was prophet Noah a good prophet?

Noah heeded the Word of the Almighty God - but does that make him a prophet? Noah appears in the oldest existant original version of the Hebrew Scriptures ever found, in the (MORE)

What is the difference in leadreship of a prophet and a prophetes?

Being a prophet does not put one in a position of leadership, but God may choose a prophet to be also a leader as in the case of Moses and Samuel, and God only chooses men to (MORE)

Was Jethro the prophet a Muslim prophet?

Yes. Jethro is one of the many Islamic Prophets in the Qur'anic Canon and is explicitly mentioned by name. However, like some Old Testament characters that appear in the Qur (MORE)

When does Prophet Muhammad claimed as prophet?

when he was at age 40 Prophets don't claim to be prophets. They are assigned the duty of Prophet-hood by Almighty God and then they proclaim that they had been assigned to pr (MORE)

What is a prophet?

A prophet is one who utters divinely inspired revelations. In the  old testament, a prophet was someone who had a direct connection  with God. As such, he or she made commen (MORE)
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Who are prophets?

Prophets are men who were called out by God to do his work. It wasmainly to be like middle men, to tell the people what God wantedthem to do, or to corect themselves from doin (MORE)

How prophet Suleiman became a prophet?

Assalam o Alykum first of all he didnt became prophet. He A.S was the son of prophet Dawood A.S and from his childhood he could talk with animals and knew about pain of every (MORE)

Who was the first prophet and the last prophet?

Noah was the first prophet and Mohammed was the last. Melchizadek.Without beginning,without end. Answer: Scripture points to Abel (though some would say Adam) being first (MORE)