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Is it true that the US dropped oversized prophylactics over Germany and Japan as an intimidation tactic?

 Answer   No, but I think I might know the source of such a legend. Early in the war, during the Norwiegian campaign, the British were haveing trouble with water cond (MORE)
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What is prophylactic chenotherapy?

Prophylactic chemotherapy is performed on precancerous tumors to  keep them from turning malignant. It is also done after cancer  therapy to make certain that there are no m (MORE)

What is prophylactic treatment?

  The institution of measures to protect a person from a disease to which he or she has been, or may be, exposed. Also called preventive treatment.
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What is prophylactic?

Prophylactic basically means "preventative." When used as a noun, it most commonly means a condom, but it can be applied as an adjective to any device or method intended to pr (MORE)

Does health insurance normally cover prophylactic mastectomy?

Health insurance will generally cover services that are considered "medically necessary". A prophylactic mastectomy can be considered medically necessary, in some cases. Your (MORE)