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What is Crede's prophylaxis?

the instillation of a 1% silver nitrate solution into the conjunctiva of newborns to prevent ophthalmia neonatorum.
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What is migraine prophylaxis?

Preventive treatment for migraine headaches is called migraine prophylaxis or prophylactic therapy. Another term is Migraine Preventive Therapy.
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What does SBE prophylaxis mean?

In order to protect against bacterial endocarditis, in those who are susceptible, a course of antibiotics is usually necessary prior to having dental work done - for instance (MORE)

What is an antonym for prophylaxis?

The word prophylaxis means treatment given or action taken to prevent disease. The antonym would be a word that means treatment given or action taken to cause disease - in o (MORE)
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What is a prophylaxis used to prevent?

Prophylaxis is any medical procedure which aim is to prevent the contraction of a medical disease or ailment, rather than to cure it after it has been contracted. Things which (MORE)