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What is graphing proportions?

Graphing proportions is to take two ratios and plot them on an (x,y) coordinate plane. You need to be consistent with your labeling. If you use the numerator of one ratio as y (MORE)

What is inverse proportion?

Inverse proportion is when one value increases, as the other decreases. For example the number of builders building a wall and the number of days it takes to build a wall are (MORE)
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What is partitive proportion?

Partitive Proportion is the partition of a whole into equal or unequal parts based on the two ratios. :))))))))))
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What is ratio and proportion?

A ratio, similar to a proportion, is the value of one number or measurement in relation to another, and is often symbolized as x:y, x/y, or "x to y." Conceptually, ratios can (MORE)

What is a sentence for proportional?

A sentence including the word proportional? The quantities y and x are proportional if y/x = k, where k is the constant of proportionality.
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What is the Canon of proportions?

It is the canon law, to which Egyptian artist were mandated to  regularize dimensions and scale. A guideline for Egyptian artist to  follow.    Added 10/03/09: Accord (MORE)
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What is the meaning of proportion?

Proportion is the relationship between a share or amount of something compared to the whole amount. It basically means a proper relation among parts.
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What is proportion in dressmaking?

  The term "Proportion" might be to describe the change in size of a pattern, or say a dress, to make it fit a larger or smaller person. As the size of the waist increases (MORE)

What is proportion in drawing?

Principle of art that combines elements in a work of art to create size relationships of elements to the whole artwork and to each other.
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