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What is propyl methanoate?

\nPropyl methanoate forms, when propan-1-ol is refluxed with methanoic acid (formic acid). Methanoic acid is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis, and can be found (MORE)

What is propyl toluate?

Propyl Toluate is a Benzene ring with a methy(CH3) group bonded to one carbon, and a propyl (CH3CH2CH3) bound to another carbon. Its IUPAC name would #-Methyl-#-propylbenzene (MORE)

What is the symbol of propyl alcohol?

Propyl alcohol is a compound, not an element, and therefore has a formula, not a symbol; its molecular formula is C 3 H 7 OH. It has two isomers called "normal" and "iso" prop (MORE)