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What is the reaction for sodium hydroxide and propyl ethanoate?

sodium hydroxide + propyl ethanoate --> propanoate ion + ethanoate. This is a process called saponification, which is when an ester is catalyzed by a strong acid or alkali to (MORE)
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Why is propyl alcohol boiling point higher than isopropyl alcohol?

Boiling points:   Propanol: 97.1 oC   Isopropanol: 82.3 oC   So yes, propanol has a higher boiling point than isopropanol. Since both isomers can hydrogen bond, the d (MORE)

What is propyl methanoate?

    Propyl methanoate forms, when propan-1-ol is refluxed with methanoic acid (formic acid). Methanoic acid is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis, and can (MORE)
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What is the difference between isopropyl alcohol and propyl alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol and propyl alcohol are isomers. Isomers are molecules with the same chemical formula, but in which the atoms are arranged differently. Both compounds consist (MORE)