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Is propylene glycol poisonous?

Short answer: probably not. Propylene glycol is a chemical that can be used as a less toxic antifreeze, and is also used as an additive in some health and beauty products, dog (MORE)

Is propylene glycol carcinogenic?

There have not been a LOT of tests on the carcinogenicity of Propylene Glycol, but what studies have been done show NO carcinogenic effects - even at VERY high doses, in eithe (MORE)
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Is there propylene glycol in diet drinks?

Propylene glycol is what antifreeze is made of. However, very small amounts are used as a stabilizer in liquid livestock feeds,, and also in medications. No propylene glyco (MORE)
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Does propylene glycol dissolve in water?

no   ANS2:Of course, Propylene glycol is soluble in all proportions with water. Whoever wrote the first response should not be answering chemistry questions.
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Can hexylene glycol be used in place of propylene glycol?

  It all depends upon what you want to do with it. Propylene Glycol is more hydrophillic (water loving) and hence hygroscopic then Hexylene Glycol. Both however, are miscI (MORE)