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What does a prosecutor do?

The basic goal of the prosecution is to protect society from crime by making sure the guilty are tried , convicted and punished
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What is a prosecutor?

A prosecutor is the government's attorney in a criminal case who represents the people, such as a District Attorney, States Attorney, U.S. Attorney, Attorney General, Solici ( Full Answer )
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Is a prosecutor a lawyer?

Yes. It is just what the person who represents the State is called in criminal matters. So if you're on trial the guy trying to get you convicted is the prosecutor.
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What do prosecutor do?

Prosecutors are in charge of conducting investigations and finding the felon guilty of the crime.
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What are the duties of a prosecutor?

The duties of a prosecutor are mainly to institute legalproceedings against an accused person. They are the ones who mainlyconduct the case in the court to prove that one is g ( Full Answer )
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What is state prosecutor?

A state prosecutor represents the people of that state in criminal prosecutions and associated matters.
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Prosecutor in Arabic?

المدعي العام or النائب العام both of them are right, choose the easiest one to pronouns.
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What are the responsibilities of a prosecutor?

Primarily to present the state's case against the arrested defendant and attempt to prove to the jury that it was the defendant that committed the offense for which they were ( Full Answer )
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What is a prosecutor in court?

In a criminal case, the prosecutor is the attorney representing the government who presents (i.e.: prosecutes) the case against the defendant in an attempt to prove him guilty ( Full Answer )
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Who was the prosecutor of Socrates?

Everyone because they thought Socrates was teaching young people to rebel against their city state