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What is a prostaglandin analogue?

Prostaglandin analogues are molecules that behave like prostaglandins by binding to prostaglandin receptors. Misoprostol is the most commonly used prostaglandin analogue.

What is the significance of prostaglandins?

prostaglandins are a group of closely related arachidonic acid derivatives. they are 20 carbon long chain unsaturated fatty acid.prostaglandins are produced by most of the bod (MORE)

What is the relation between histamine and prostaglandins?

The relationship between prostaglandins and histamine in the ovulatory process as determined with the in vitro perfused rabbit ovary. The process of follicle rupture has b (MORE)

How are prostaglandins similar to hormones?

Hormones and prostaglandins are similar because they deliver messages throughout the body. Prostaglandins act the same way hormones do, but only act in the specific area i (MORE)

What does Prostaglandin do?

Prostaglandins have a wide variety of effects, and may be responsible for the production of some types of pain and inflammation

Can you get pregnant if you have prostaglandin?

Well... I've never heard of someone taking prostaglandins to avoid pregnancy. They're hormones, yes, but mostly related to the infflamatory process: increasing permeability a (MORE)

What kind of effects do prostaglandins produce?

Prostaglandins produce diverse and even opposite effects. Some, for example, relax smooth muscles in the airways of the lungs and in blood vessels, while others contract smoot (MORE)

What is a prostaglandin hormone made from?

They are synthesized in the cell from the essential fatty acids (EFAs). An intermediate arachidonic acid is created from diacylglycerol via phospholipase-A 2 , then brought t (MORE)

What is the purpose of prostaglandin?

A prostaglandin is a type of lipid that helps regulate an animal's body. Unlike hormones, prostaglandins generally affect an area of the body near where they are produced whi (MORE)