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Do women have a prostate?

Females do not have prostate glands. A gland in females with similar characteristics to the prostate, previously called paraurethral or Skene's glands, connected to the distal (MORE)
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How do you shrink your prostate?

There are various ways to shrink your prostate: 1. By using drugs (such as alpha-blockers and hormone-reducing groups). 2. By using certain herbs (such as saw palmetto, py (MORE)
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Treatment for prostatitis?

Treatment    Antibiotics are the first line of treatment in acute prostatitis  (Cat. I). Antibiotics usually resolve acute prostatitis infections  in a very short tim (MORE)

What is a prominent prostate?

A prominent prostate is a prostate gland that is enlarged. It is a  fairly common issue for men who are age 50 or older. Since it could  be a sign of prostate cancer, it sho (MORE)

How does prostate cancer affect the prostate?

As a general term "cancer" means that some abnormal cells are present in a particular part of your body. All the cells of our body have their own "program" to live, but cancer (MORE)
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What to do for inflamed prostates?

Your doctor can prescribe meds that will help with urine flow. But avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. This condition is more commonly known as BPH. Benign prostate hyper (MORE)

What is prostate disease?

Actually there are many prostate diseases and conditions. The most  common ones are:    - prostatitis (inflammation of prostate) , it can also classified  as acute pr (MORE)