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Why is prostitution legal?

In the United States, it is only legal in the state of Nevada inspecified areas within eleven counties. Nevada has very strictregulations pertaining to brothels and additional (MORE)
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What is A Prostitute?

Someone who is paid for sexual intercourse, usually a female, although there are male prostitutes..
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How was prostitution in the 1900?

prostitution didn't really happen in 1900 it started about 1980-2000. but in some states they have it bad. I do not know any specifics about prostitution in 1900, but I am (MORE)
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What is prostitution?

Prostitution is the exchange of sex acts for payment. The payment for these acts is most commonly money or drugs. Prostitution is illegal in most places, and is a common way f (MORE)
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Why do you have prostitutes?

^^**Some ppl don't have the personality, or the looks to attact a male/ female... and they turn to prostitutes for sexual intercourse. And prostitutes are there because they t (MORE)
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Is prostitution a misdeamonr?

I think soliciting is in all states where not legal. I know of no exceptions.
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What is private prostitute?

A prostitute is a hooker that lives on corners and gets paid to have sex with guys and a private prostitute is like a stipper but u still have to pay so no difference except a (MORE)
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What is ceremonial prostitution?

It means having sex as part of a religious ritual. It was usually connected to fertility rituals. The people wanted the gods to send sun and rain so they would have a good ha (MORE)
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Where are there prostitutes?

Prostitution is legal in several countries, among these are Holland and Denmark. You will find prostitutes in other countries illegally. Usually on dark street corners in big (MORE)