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How was Ancient Rome different from Ancient Greece?

There were many way in which ancient Greece and ancient Rome were different, but one of the most important differences was one of unity. The Greeks had Their city-states which (MORE)

How is modern Greece different to ancient Greece?

There are many, but I won't speculate! To begin with, Ancient  Greece's Olympic Games were only for men. Nowadays, that's not  true, otherwise Shawn Johnson wouldn't be as w (MORE)

How are ancient Greece and ancient rome different?

Ancient Greece was made up of many city-states that formed a nation, but Rome was an empire, they conquered most of Europe, while the ancient Greeks remained in their city sta (MORE)

How was ancient Rome influenced by ancient Greece?

The ancient Greeks are well known not only for their cultural achievements but in their sailing and navigational abilities, as well as their (primarily defensive) military str (MORE)

Were ancient Greece and ancient Egypt allies?

Firstly, Greece did not exist as a country. It was an ethnic group  of over 2,000 independent city-states spread around the  Mediterranean and Black Seas. Each had its own a (MORE)

Compare ancient Greece and modern Greece?

There are many things that you can compare like the Greek  language and several dialects in various areas of Greece , the  Greek mentality and culture also have many similar (MORE)

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What did Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece have in common?

Both the Romans and the Greeks had polytheist religions. The  commonalities between the two were created through the the Romans  being influenced by the Greeks. The Roman el (MORE)