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What does a trademark protect?

Ultimately, trademarks protect consumers by reducing fraud in the marketplace: I know that the bottle marked "Tide" contains Tide detergent, not some cheap knockoff.
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What is buchholz protection?

A Bucholz relay (device) is used where oil filled transformers have an overhead Conservator tank (to allow for the oil expanding and contracting due to temperature rising & fa (MORE)

What is unit protection?

Unit protection is one whereby the power network system is divided into discrete zones of protection. Each zone is provided with relays and circuit breakers to allow for the d (MORE)

How can dolphins be protected?

If we atop killing them to protect the hectors dolphin that is endangered is to do not throw your garbage or trash into the ocean water or either the sand
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What is DRM protection?

DRM is basically a way for ebooks to be encrypted so they can't be easily shared with non-purchasers. This is done typically through requiring a password or some sort of user- (MORE)

What does a protective tariff protect?

It protects domestic goods by increasing the price of foreign good. It helps stabilize the price. The Tawley-Smoot Tariff showed that this is a failed system if used too exces (MORE)

What rhymes with protect?

    * sect  * affect  * collect  * connect  * correct  * detect  * direct  * erect  * expect  * infect  * inject  * inspect  * neglect  * object  * perfe (MORE)
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What protection does the equal protection have?

Equal protection "of" the law means that the law must protect everyone equally or it is unconstitutional. Currently, this is not being enforced because lawyers and politicians (MORE)

What can you do to protect rhinos?

Watch video's to realise the pain that the rhinos are going through. Create blogs and websites get people to be members and start a campaigne just do anything to help the po (MORE)