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What is Protectorate?

a political entity that formally agrees by treaty to enter into an unequal relationship with another, stronger state, called the protector , which engages to protect it (dipl ( Full Answer )
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What is a protectorate?

The relation of a strong country or territory toward a weaker country or territory that it protects and partly controls.
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Were can you get the protector in pearl?

Fly to canavale city go next to the sailor surf to down is a little land with the protector
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What are protectorates?

Protectorates are autonomous countries or regions that are placed under the protection (military and political) of another State. Usually that State in return acquires a lot o ( Full Answer )
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What is a transformer protector?

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is a transformer explosion and fire prevention system suitable for any type of oil-immersed transformer and including surrounding equipment suc ( Full Answer )
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What is the significance of protectorate?

I'll use Cuba as an example here. No foreign powers other than the US are allowed to have any sort of interference in it. In other words, a stronger country holds its politica ( Full Answer )
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What is a virus protector?

Virus-Protector is a fake security application that reports false threats and displays fake security alerts on the computer it has sneaked in. To treat the users into buying i ( Full Answer )
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What is a sun protector?

a sun protector is a useful tool that protectrs you from direct sunlight. Through research, we find out that the suns Uv rays is the reason behind most skin cancer patients. t ( Full Answer )
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What is a neuron protector?

Finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)-also known as Lou Gehrig's disease-has been a frustrating and elusive quest. Even after decades of research, the biologi ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for protectorates?

Protectorate is some place that is not protected where it islocated. It is ruled by some other kingdom.