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What is copyright protection What is protected How long is the material protected?

Copyright protection consists of five basic rights (distribution, display, duplication, performance and creation of derivatives) that allow the creator of an original work to (MORE)
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What protection does the equal protection have?

Equal protection "of" the law means that the law must protect everyone equally or it is unconstitutional. Currently, this is not being enforced because lawyers and politicians (MORE)

What does the first amendment protect and not protect?

This is the exact wording of the first amendment to theConstitution of the United States: . "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment ofreligion, or prohibiting (MORE)
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What does the data protection act protect?

The Data Protection Act (DPA) protects individual users from misuse of their personal data. Specifically it prohibits processing of personal data without notifying the individ (MORE)