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The two theories of the proto-indo-european language?

Agricultural or Anatolia. and Conquest or Kurgan.. I just did an essay on those two so i hope that helps(:
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Is Hebrew an indo-european language?

Not at all. It is Semitic like Arabic, specifically Canaanite like Phoenician or Ugaritic (both extinct and historically spoken in the Palestine, Lebanon region. Modern Hebre (MORE)

What is a Proto-Indo-European language group?

    There is no Proto-Indo-European language group. Proto-Indo-European, or PIE, is the hypothetical root language from which Indo-European languages today (and others (MORE)

How do you know that all Indo-European languages have a common ancestor?

We know this because of the words, writing styles and through history. All Indo-Euroepean Languages, use a very similar style of grammar, poetic styles, syntax, and samatics. (MORE)

Why did so many languages originate from the indo-european roots?

Many languages originated from Indo-European roots because Indo-Europeans were the base of many languages like German, Spanish, English, Persian, and Sanskrit. Through cultura (MORE)
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Is Navajo an Indo-European language?

Navajo is not Indo-European. It is an Athabascan language. There  is Northern, Southern and Pacific Athabascan. There are about 31  northern, 7 pacific and 7 southern. Navaj (MORE)

What languages are not Indo-European?

Most of the languages of the world are NOT Indo-European (more than 6000 languages). They can't all be listed here. Here is a partial list Achi', Rabinal Ainu Akateko (MORE)

Is Aztec an indo European language?

No, Aztec was a civiliazion in Central America and is it is a  language it has no relation to this family because this would have  formed before contact with the Europeans. (MORE)