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What is protoplasm?

In biology, protoplasm is the living substance inside thecell. At the simplest level, it is divisible into cytoplasm andnucleoplasm. It is also sometimes termed bioplasm , ( Full Answer )
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What are the properties of the protoplasm?

Inorganic substances: water, which makes up 90% of the protoplasm, mineral salts, such as NaCl-salt, and gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide Organic substances: protei ( Full Answer )
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What is protoplasmic streaming?

Protoplasmic streaming is the act of flowing. In biologyprotoplasmic streaming is the flowing of cytoplasm within a cell.
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Where is the protoplasm located?

The protoplasm refers to all of the matter within the walls of thecell, such as the cytoplasm, nucleus and various organelles. Allthe protoplasm inside a cell that surrounds t ( Full Answer )
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What does a protoplasm do?

Protoplasm is the living content of a cell that is surrounded by a plasma membrane. This term is not commonly used in modern cell biology . Protoplasm is composed of a mix ( Full Answer )
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What encloses the protoplasm?

Protoplasm is also known as cytoplasm. It is encased in a plasmamembrane, also known as the cell membrane.
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Where is protoplasm located?

Protoplasm is located all over a cell. It surrounds and protectsthe organelles so that they do not get damaged.PROTOPLASM ISCONSIST OF NUCLEUS & CYTOPLASM
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Who coined protoplasm?

It is the sex of an organism, which was first discover by a naked girl in a pub
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Why does protoplasm move?

1) it doesn't always (in fact its pretty rare). 2) it learned how to in order to find food and flee enemies.
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Who dicovered protoplasm?

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