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What are protozoans?

Protozoans are unicellular, single celled micro organisms. Usually by themselves, but they sometimes form colonies. These organism get their food from their surroundings, and ( Full Answer )
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How are protozoans classified?

Protozoans are classified by the way they move. Some have Cilia orFlagella, but the amoeba has an unusual way of moving by stretchingit's cytoplasm into finger-like extensions ( Full Answer )
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What kingdom is protozoans in?

They technically belong to their own kingdom. Cavalier-Smith devised six kingdoms, and Protozoa are in the Eukaryota Empire.
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How does a protozoan reproduce?

Some protozoans reproduce through binary fission or multiplefission. Other protozoans are capable of reproducing sexually, suchas the ciliates and the apicomplexans.
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Is a volvox a protozoan?

I am a very intelligent Scientist and we studied it and we confirm that it is a protozoan.
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What are protozoan?

Protozoans are a group of animals from the kingdom Protista. There are four main groups based on the ability to move location (locomotion). 1. Amoeboids:- singled celled ( Full Answer )
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Are protozoan autotrophic?

They are heterotrophic, but there are a few members that can photosynthesize in addition to eating, such as Dinobryon .
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What are the characteristics of protozoan?

Unicellular, mostly microscopic, all symmetries, no germ, no organs or tissues, no specialized organelles, known to be free living.
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Is protozoan a parasite?

Protozoan is a kingdom of water based single celled organisms, therefore they are not parasites
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Is a protozoan multicellular?

No,protozoans are generally unicellular except if they exist in colonies like in the case of a volvox.