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What is the provident fund?

Provident fund is a retirement corpus that is provided to all employees. Every month 12% of your basic salary is deducted and deposited into the PF account for as long as you (MORE)

Who founded Providence?

Answer Rodger Williams founded Providence. He also organize the  settlement based on the consent
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What does fat provide?

The main function of fats in the body is to provide energy: By  supplying energy, fats save proteins from being used for energy and  allow them to perform their more importa (MORE)

Why was providence founded?

Providence, Rhode Island was founded because Roger Williams was  exiled from the Massachusetts Bay colony due to his religious  beliefs. Other settlers settled there because (MORE)

What does eggs provide?

Eggs provide a variety of nutrients, including simple and complex proteins, vitamins, minerals, and lipids (fats). Eggs also provide nutrients that are popularly (but falsely) (MORE)
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What does shelter provide?

Shelter provides protection from external conditions which cause discomfort to, or threaten, the sheltered. Among the first things we think of when we consider the term shel (MORE)

What is a data provider?

A set of libraries used to communicate with a data source. For example: SQL data provider for SQL, Oracle data provider for Oracle, OLE DB data provider for Access, Excel or M (MORE)