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What is providence?

Divine Providence- God, or provided by God. also the state capital of Rhode Island. The only other states to have religious-themed capital cities are New Mexico ( Santa Fe, li (MORE)
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What does the quran provide?

The Qur'an provides a way of life and it's beautiful in the sense that if one lives truly by the Qur'an, their life will inshAllah (if God is willing) be peaceful. More detai (MORE)

What KFC provide and how they provide it?

they provide fatty greasy food by a staff member who will give it to you for a trade of money. Naa well they obviously provide Kentuky Fried Chicken because thats what it stan (MORE)

Do you have to use the modem provided by your provider?

In Short no...... You do need to know what modems your provider will allow on their network and which modem is compatible with your provider. Many providers can inform you of (MORE)
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What providers provide inexpensive hosting?

Some good choices for inexpensive hosting includes I Page, Host Metro, and Just Host. Other providers of cheaper hosting are Fat Cow, In Motion and Host Gator.
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