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What is the difference between the Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Real Irish Republican Army?

The Provisional Irish republican army (IRA), was formed in 1969 after it split from the Official Irish republican army (OIRA) over the OIRAs failure to protect Irish nationali (MORE)

When was the Irish Republican Army established?

During Irish History there have been a number of groups that used the title IRA. The first IRA can date itself back to 1913, known then as the Irish Volunteers, and took the n (MORE)

How do you join the Irish republican army?

You don't really join, you more or less need to be living over there and are selected if you fit the bill. At the height of the troubles there were only about 400 men and wome (MORE)

Why was the Irish Republican Army founded?

Descended from the Irish Volunteers that staged the Easter Uprising in April of 1916, the Irish Republican Army became the legitimate army of the formally established Irish Re (MORE)

Irish Republican Army what is there religon?

The IRA was not a religious organisation. Most of the members would have been Catholic, but it was not an organisation based on religion. It was based on political beliefs. It (MORE)

Is the Irish Republican Army a terrorist organization?

until the signing of the Good Friday agreement and the subsequent agreements the IRA was regarded as a terrorist group. Since then it has decommissioned its weapons and declar (MORE)

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