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Prudent in a sentence?

A person who is prudent is acting with regards to futureconsequences. An example of a sentence using this word is, "Itwouldn't be prudent take out a loan with first learning a (MORE)
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What the meaning of prudent nurse?

A " prudent nurse " is one who consistently exhibits good judgment in requesting, reviewing, and weighing information provided by an applicant or recipient, or a person repres (MORE)

How can you be prudent?

To be prudent is to be careful, sensible, cautious, and/or frugal. It would be prudent to check that you have your car keys before leaving your car.
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What is prudent behavior?

Prudence comes from a well-experianced life. It is the ability to transfer conscience into behavior, and it is through experience the conscience develops. We all know those p (MORE)

Is it still prudent to send a fax?

Faxing is still a good way to send communications for many purposes. It is still a quick method of communicating and the date, time and location of the correspondence can be t (MORE)

What is the definition of prudent?

The definition of prudent is acting with or showing care. The other definition it could mean is being thoughtful for the future. Showing care is one of the most important thin (MORE)
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What service does Prudental Lab offer?

Prudental Laboratories is a full service dental lab that has been opened since 1989. They offer quality dental implants, crowns, veneer teeth, as well as braces for children a (MORE)
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How can one subscribe to The Prudent Speculator?

If you would like to subscribe to The Prudent Speculator you can go to their website and order it with your personal information and card number. There is an option to subscr (MORE)