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What is prudent behavior?

Prudence comes from a well-experianced life. It is the ability to transfer conscience into behavior, and it is through experience the conscience develops. We all know those p (MORE)

What the meaning of prudent nurse?

A "prudent nurse" is one who consistently exhibits good judgment in requesting, reviewing, and weighing information provided by an applicant or recipient, or a person represen (MORE)

Prudent in a sentence?

A person who is prudent is acting with regards to future  consequences. An example of a sentence using this word is, "It  wouldn't be prudent take out a loan with first lear (MORE)
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What are the challenges faced by prudent underwriters during sellecting and clasificating of insured's?

prudent underwriter face the following challenges during sellection and clasificating of insured 1.lack of principle of utmost good faith by insured on material facts 2. time (MORE)