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How do you be prudent person?

Answer . new answer By remembering that you have two ears and one mouth. Always pause to ask yourself, how can I use what I know to improve the situation?.
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Prudent in a sentence?

A person who is prudent is acting with regards to futureconsequences. An example of a sentence using this word is, "Itwouldn't be prudent take out a loan with first learning a (MORE)
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What the meaning of prudent nurse?

A " prudent nurse " is one who consistently exhibits good judgment in requesting, reviewing, and weighing information provided by an applicant or recipient, or a person repres (MORE)

How can you be prudent?

To be prudent is to be careful, sensible, cautious, and/or frugal. It would be prudent to check that you have your car keys before leaving your car.
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What is prudent behavior?

Prudence comes from a well-experianced life. It is the ability to transfer conscience into behavior, and it is through experience the conscience develops. We all know those p (MORE)

Sentence for prudent?

Example sentence - It is prudent for us to put money in a savings account each month.
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