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What are the Psalms?

The psalms of the Bible are Israel's ancient collection of hymns of praise and worship. Christians also read and meditate on the psalms for worship, comfort, instruction, and (MORE)

What are the psalms about?

Each Psalms are different you can't compare them at all. The Psalms are King David Praising The Lord Our God You might notice that people in church singing hymns and psalms wh (MORE)

What type of psalm is Psalm 15?

Psalm 14 focuses on the way of the wicked. Psalm 15 focuses on the way of the righteous. It is a Psalm showing how a righteous person should live.

Is it Psalm 12418 or Psalms 12418?

It depends on context. If you are talking about Psalm 124, youwould say "Psalm 124" since it is the name of that particular poem.If you wish to reference the specific verse Ps (MORE)