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What is a pseudonym?

A fake or fictitious name for example, an authors pen name, or a name that someone might use on the internet which is not their real name.   A pseudonym is a made-up name (MORE)

How do you register pseudonym?

  yea I would like to know this too...I mean I have one and stuff to be there even a way to register a penname?   if u find out contact me:   thedeat (MORE)

Are pseudonyms legal?

In the US at least, it is a 14th amendment right that you may conduct business using any name "at will", meaning any name at any time. Since the supreme court spoke on that po (MORE)

How do you get a pseudonym?

  You just make one up, and start using it as your name. For instance, on this site my pseudonym is Zanbabe. That's how people know me. If you were going to do it as an ac (MORE)

Who is Pseudonymous Bosch?

In the real world, Pseudonymous Bosch is the pseudonym of the author responsible for the middle grade Secret series.   In-universe, hints are given that suggest Pseudonymous (MORE)

What is Pseudonymous Bosch?

Pseudonymous Bosch is an author from the books of "The Name Of This Book Is Seceret"(book 1)"If You're Reading This,It's Too Late"(book 2)This Book Is Not Good For You"(book 3 (MORE)
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What is the rootword of pseudonym?

nym which means name and suffix is pseudo so the complete word means false or fictious name
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How do you pronouce pseudonym?

The word pseudonym has a silent P. It is pronounced (SUE-doh-nim) or (SUE-duh-nim).
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