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What is psyche the goddess of?

Psyche was not a Goddess. The Greek word from which psyche comes meant the human mind or soul.   Actually, Psyche was a mortal-made-goddess. She married Eros (Cupid) and (MORE)

Who is Psyche?

Psyche was the personification of the passion of love in Greek and Roman mythology. In the story of Cupid/Eros and Psyche she started out as a human woman who insulted Venus/A (MORE)
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What is a persons psyche?

Psyche is the Greek word for "soul"; however, it is used as a modern term for "mind".
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Where does Psyche live?

After a gruelling trial of events Psyche was granted immortality by the council of the gods and it is said she and Eros lived together on Mount Olympus, happily. Even having a (MORE)

Who does Psyche marry?

Cupid. After a long, and arduous path, Cupid and Psyche are eventually united. Jupiter pleaded the cause of the lovers so well with Venus (Cupid's mother) that she consented ( (MORE)

How did Psyche anger Venus'?

Psyche angered Venus because mortals believed that she was more beautiful than even she. Venus' temples were abandoned, and all the honors that were once hers were given to a (MORE)
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How do you get in the psych ward?

Here in central Ohio, you can either go to the Emergency Room, or you can go to Netcare. At the ER or Netcare, you will be evaluated by a physician and a Social Worker, who to (MORE)
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What is the Psych?

Psych is a television show that airs on the USA Network. The show is a about a guy who pretends to be Psychic to solve crimes as a police consultant.
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