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What are psychic weak to?

Psychics are weak against Bug, Ghost and Dark types. Psychic attacks do no damage to a Dark type.
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What is a psychic?

A "psychic" is someone who discerns information or predictions by using "paranormal" or supernatural abilities. While many alleged psychics are charlatans or phonies, there ar (MORE)

What can a psychic do?

The term psychic is a general term. There is a wide range of "psychic" abilities. A psychic may have one or more abilities in varying strengths. Some Abilities: See the pa (MORE)

Are you psychic?

There are many cases of unexplained visions, events, and intuition that are attributed to psychic abilities. Most cannot be proved or disproved. ---- We are all born psychi (MORE)

Who are the psychic sisters?

There are several well-known 'psychic sisters'. The most famous are probably the three Fox sisters, Leah, Margaret and Kate. They were mediums and played an important role in (MORE)

How do psychics feel about being psychic?

As a precognitive, telepathic, telempathic with some pyrokinetic talents, I personal say I suffer from precogs. Telepathic, telempathic, abilities can all be controlled. I l (MORE)

Why are psychics believable?

Psychics are often believable because they are both confident in what they are doing and are very good at communicating both verbally and nonverbally. They have experience in (MORE)

What does a psychic do?

They provide you with a reading that covers events from your past that only you know about, what is going on in your present life and what is a possibility for your future. (MORE)

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