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How does psychoanalysis works?

Psychoanalysis is a form of treatment for mental problems in which the past, especially childhood, is explored to find the cause of the present problem. How does Psychoanal (MORE)
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What is psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis involves analysis of the unconscious (which cannot be comprehended). Therefore one cannot psychoanalyse him/herself through ordinary introspection. However, (MORE)
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Who was the father of psychoanalysis?

\n. \nSigmund Freud (1856-1939) is considered the father of psychoanalysis. Like all pioneers he didn't have all the answers but he did give us a unified theory of how an in (MORE)
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What are the advantages of psychoanalysis?

The advantages of psychoanalysis is that you can take the resultsand use them to change your life and your personality. You can alsohave an outside perspective on your life th (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of psychoanalysis?

Classical or Freudian psychoanalysis is rarely done today because it is a very time intensive therapy, sometimes involving several sessions a week for several years. Not many (MORE)
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Was psychoanalysis controvesial?

In a word, yes. It is still somewhat looked down upon by Psychologists today. The reason being that Freud came up with theories that, while they were revolutionary, cannot (MORE)
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What is the cost of psychoanalysis?

Each session or meeting typically costs between $80 and $200, depending on the locale and the experience of the therapist.
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What is the purpose of psychoanalysis?

to bring unconscious mental material and processes into full consciousness so that the patient can gain more control over his or her life.
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What is involved in psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is when a doctor or psychiatrist will analyze a persons dreams and sub conscience. This can help someone dealing with issues help understand what is the cause (MORE)