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How do demographic and psychographic relate to each other?

  A demographic, is generalized information about a specific target market (or, in common terms, who you are selling to).     These are the most common sections des (MORE)

How demographic segmentation is it different from psychographic segmentation?

It segments the market by measurable characteristics such as gender and age. The demographic dimensions normally used by marketers are usually, age, gender, family structure, (MORE)

What does 'psychographics' mean?

  Answer   The use of demographics to study and measure attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions, as for marketing purposes.   Answer   psy·cho·graph·ic (MORE)

What is job psychograph?

A job psychochart is a type of graphic or chart used to depict  certain personalities or traits found in certain jobs. A person's  psychochart can also be performed to see i (MORE)