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What is the psychology?

Psychology:(study of soul or study of mind) is an  academic and applied discipline which involving scientific study of  mental process ,emotion and behaviors.   The word (MORE)

What is ambivalence in psychology?

ambivalence in psychology is the state of feeling as though you have no inclination in either direction about an issue involving emotions. you are unaffected by the issue due (MORE)

What are the ABC's of psychology?

A is for affect (emotion, feeling). Example: Anger B is for behavior (observable event). Example: Aggression C is for cognition (your thoughts, attitudes). Example: Injustic (MORE)

What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It is all about what makes people who they are. You can go really deep into it or just scratch the surface. Psychology (MORE)

What is extinction in psychology?

Extinction is a basic phenomenon (event, incident) of learning that occurs when a previously conditioned response decreases in frequency and eventually disappears. Basically, (MORE)
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What is psychological aging?

psychological factors affecting ageing proceess    1. impairment in decision making   2. reduction in thinking / learning process   3. tend to grow like in all (MORE)

Why is psychology not a pseudo psychology?

One need only to turn on the television or flip through a magazine  to realize that there are some very strange ideas in the world.  From articles which promise the end of t (MORE)