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What is psychosomatic medicine?

    Answer     Psychosomatic medicine is a multidisciplinary branch of medicine dedicated to the study and clinical practice of medicine in relation with all (MORE)

Can cough be psychosomatic?

Yes, cough can be psychosomatic. This may be generating an opinion among the relatives that the individual is sick and always need a caring. other normal diseases can be easil (MORE)

What is psychosomatic response?

  Psychosomatic response is the reaction of the mind that creates a physical condition change just from the belief that something has actually happened. In medicine, it's (MORE)

What is psychosomatic symptomatology?

Body symptoms like aches and pains in various parts of body where the primary cause is the psychological conflicts that the person has. Most often the investigation tests done (MORE)
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What is psychosomatic vomiting?

Psychosomatic vomiting occurs due to a psychiatric condition. Stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses/ afflictions can show their symptoms through the body in (MORE)
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What is psychosomatic disorder?

It is possible for people to develop a physical illness purely as a result of their belief that they are sick, rather than as a result of any actual physical injury, infection (MORE)
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Can laryngitis be psychosomatic?

I suppose it is within the realms of possibility. The mind is a powerful entity with 3 distinct levels, only 1 of which we are aware of; the conscious mind. The unconscious an (MORE)