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Who created psychotherapy?

The first psychotherapy clinic was opened in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt.  However, psychotherapy existed in many forms prior to the clinic  opening. Theory-based psychotherapy is (MORE)

What is Supportive Psychotherapy?

  Supportive psychotherapy focuses on strengthening a patient's defenses and providing consistency, advice and support (in contrast to types of therapy that focus on revea (MORE)
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How effective is psychotherapy?

Only as effective as the person undergoing the therapy will allow it to be. Anything that is meant to help a person's mind can only help if it can get past the mental blocks a (MORE)

What is Japanese Psychotherapy?

"Japanese Psychotherapy is the current practice of all psychotherapy modalities in Japan (regardless of the location of their origin of each specific psychotherapeutic modalit (MORE)
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What does psychotherapy require?

All forms of psychotherapy require an atmosphere of absolute mutual trust and confidentiality. Without this total safety, no form of therapy will be successful.
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What is Morita Psychotherapy?

"Morita Therapy is an excellent psychotherapy for solving troubles in neurosis (nervousness). This is the psychotherapy that was created by Dr. Shoma Morita, a professor emeri (MORE)