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Who was Ptah?

An Egyptian god of crafs who had Ra as a father and bastet as a mother
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What were the duties of Ptah?

He was the master architect, an idea that some Christians have included in their beliefs, and that he made the universe with precision and a plan and brought everything to lif (MORE)
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Who is ptah Egyptian god?

à God of sun when rising and/or risen à At second dynasty regarded as creator god à patron of architects, artists and sculptors à built the boats for th (MORE)
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What did Egyptians believe about Ptah?

Ptah transmitted life to the gods and conceived the elements of the universe with his mind, then brought them into being with his speech. This has been compared to the much la (MORE)
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Where did ptah live?

Ptah lived in Ancient Egypt. If you want to know where he lives now, Ptah is DEAD!
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How did the God Ptah become a god?

Ptah, patron of craftsmanship, metalworking, carpenters,shipbuilders, and sculpture is one of the oldest archetype gods inthe Egyptian pantheon, often identified with the orig (MORE)
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How do you pronounce Ptah?

Vowels are not recorded in Egyptian language, so its mostly guesswork on pronunciation. Some prefer to drop the P and refer to him just as Tah. But in Egyptian its more likely (MORE)
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In what religion does Ptah belong?

Ptah is from ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, also known as Memphite Theology. Ptah was believed to have created the universe by the thought of his heart and his tongue.