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What is a bilateral brow ptosis?

  I wonder if you mean (eye lid droping) not brow   search in google for images   causes of ptosis are:   1-Horner's syndrome   2-3rd cranial nerve damage   (MORE)

Who is the best oculoplastic surgeon in Mumbai for ptosis surgery?

My aunt had same ptosis complaint in right eyelid.This had lead to  cosmetic isssues and impacted her confidence as she was doing front  desk executive job.Even after normal (MORE)

What is ptosis?

  Ptosis is when your top eyelid droops down uncontrollably- in some cases it can affect your vision. The abnormal drooping of an organ part.
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What is ptosis of the lids?

Ptosis is drooping of one or both upper  eyelids.   Typically, your eyelid is in a position that  covers the top few millimeters of your Iris. The Iris is the  colored p (MORE)
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What is kidney ptosis?

Nephroptosis (nephr = kidney + pto = drop + osis = condition of) is also known as a floating or detached kidney. The kidney drops when the person stands up. This is more commo (MORE)