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What is ptosis?

  Ptosis is when your top eyelid droops down uncontrollably- in some cases it can affect your vision. The abnormal drooping of an organ part.
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What causes ptosis?

A drooping eyelid is most often due to: Weakness of the muscle that  raises the eyelid; damage to the nerves that control that muscle;  or looseness of the skin of the upper (MORE)
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What is ptosis of the lids?

Ptosis is drooping of one or both upper  eyelids.   Typically, your eyelid is in a position that  covers the top few millimeters of your Iris. The Iris is the  colored p (MORE)
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What is kidney ptosis?

Nephroptosis (nephr = kidney + pto = drop + osis = condition of) is also known as a floating or detached kidney. The kidney drops when the person stands up. This is more commo (MORE)
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What is ptosis of kidney?

Ptosis is a medical term meaning abnormal lowering or drooping of the eyelid. It does not really refer to the kidney! However, if one did apply this term to the kidney, it wou (MORE)
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What is ptosis repair?

If you have a nephroptosis (floating kidney) the repair would benephropexy or a tacking/securing the kidney to the peritoneum. If you have mastptosis (drooping breasts) then (MORE)
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What does eyelid ptosis describe?

Eyelid ptosis describes a condition where either the upper or lower eyelid droops. Ptosis occurs when the muscles that raise the eyelids become weak.
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