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What is pub height?

  Pub height refers to tables and is considered to be 36" high and is sometimes called couunter height also. Bar height tables are usually 42" high. A pub or counter heigh (MORE)
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Is the donut pub kosher?

Yes. I wanted to buy some donuts for my son's in school birthday (he goes to Ramaz) And I went to The Donut Pub and asked them if their shop was kosher, and they said yes.
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What is a snug in a pub?

Snugs were first built in Irish pubs in the early to middle 19th Century. You paid a higher price for your beer in the Snug, but nobody could see you. It was not only the well (MORE)
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What is a pub table?

The pub table is often also referred to as a cafe or bistro table and sometimes as a bar table. Dealers and manufacturers are not all that consistent with their terminology. " (MORE)
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When was smoking banned in pubs in the uk?

In 2007 Britain enacted smoking bans, banned smoking in enclosed public places and work area smoking.Regulars James Martin studied the ban, proposed a 36 year-old female owner (MORE)
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How many pubs are there in London?

For the Facebook question, there are 7000 pubs in London. There are also published numbers much lower than that, since one could be talking about only the City of London, th (MORE)

Where is the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London?

Sherlock Holmes Pub in London is at 10 Northumberland St, St  James's WC2N 5DB, United Kingdom. It is between Charing Cross  station and the Embankment (Thames River), about (MORE)