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How do you have puberty?

You have it naturally so there is nothing you need to do. It begins any time between 8 and 12 if you are a girl and 11 to 13 if a boy. It lasts several years and is the period (MORE)

What is puberty and what does it do?

Puberty is when a girl turns into a woman, or a boy turns into a man. Puberty is very variable. Boys can start it at different ages (the normal range for it to start is cons (MORE)

How can you Puberty?

it just ...happens, you cant stop it, the first sign is the... just ask your parents or go here, it explains it in plain English (MORE)

How do you no your in puberty?

Well, it depends if you are male or female. In a male, the first step in puberty may not even be noticeable. The first stages in a boy are (in order), an increase in testicul (MORE)

What is in puberty?

The Hairy Forest That shall grow down there from below and shall be inhabited by many creaturesof all shapes and sizes. but do not worry it is a wonderful moment in life short (MORE)