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What is puberty?

Puberty is the stage in which the human body becomes capable of  sexual reproduction. It is marked by relatively rapid hormonal  changes, genital maturation, and pubic hair (MORE)

What is puberty and what does it do?

Puberty is when a girl turns into a woman, or a boy turns into a man. Puberty is very variable. Boys can start it at different ages (the normal range for it to start is cons (MORE)

Why are you not in puberty?

The age at which puberty starts is different in differnet people.  So if you havent yet started puberty, you will in near future,  usually by the age of 14.
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How do you no your in puberty?

Well, it depends if you are male or female. In a male, the first step in puberty may not even be noticeable. The first stages in a boy are (in order), an increase in testicul (MORE)

What do you do when you get your puberty?

when you get your puberty if your a girl you will develop boobs and pubic hair and start your periods if you are a boy your willie will get bigger and you would get pubic hair (MORE)
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What is in puberty?

The Hairy Forest That shall grow down there from below and shall be inhabited by many creaturesof all shapes and sizes. but do not worry it is a wonderful moment in life short (MORE)