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What is the Option of Puberty in Mohammedan Law?

In certain unusual situations, the wife has the means to dissolve the marriage unilaterally. The first of these is called the "option of puberty". This is where the girl is ma (MORE)
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What is the solution of puberty?

there is no solution to puberty you will only have to go through it for your life so keep on tring to play outside with pimples dont cover uar face with a paper bag dont dont (MORE)
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Does puberty make you depressed?

Sometimes it can. I'm going through puberty right now so I know how it feels. You mostly get depressed because during puberty most people have mood swings.

What does a male rabbit do when he hits puberty?

He will dig a lot, or try to dig. He will probably fight with other males, and he may do a strange thing where if he finds say a small pile of straw he will push it with his f (MORE)

Why do we have to face puberty?

Because - biologically, our bodies are not designed to reproduce  from the day we're born. We have evolved to begin the reproductive  process once we have grown ourselves, a (MORE)