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Is Cielito lindo public domain?

The song itself was written in 1882 and is therefore in the public domain, but certain settings, arrangements, recordings, and performances may still be protected.
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What is public domain?

In terms of intellectual property "public domain" refers to items that have no restrictions of use due to expiration of legal controls (patents, trademarks, copyright)
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Is 'brief encounter' in the public domain?

No. UK copyright for film "runs out 70 years after the end of the year in which the death occurs of the last to survive of the principal director, the authors of the screenpla (MORE)

Is a jpg image public domain?

Very, very rarely. There may be embedded metadata noting its copyright, but even without that, it's safest to assume the image is protected unless proven otherwise.
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What is a public domain license?

If a work is in the public domain, it would not require a license. If the license itself (i.e., the words in the contract) has been published prior to 1923, or without the n (MORE)

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