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What is the difference between ltd and pvt ltd?

There are lots of differences. The major factor is number of shareholders and shareholding pattern. In Pvt. Ltd. Company the share holders comprise of close group of friends a (MORE)
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Is IKEA an ltd?

yes it has a limited liability and yes it is it is owned by family and friends (1-50) people

What public image did Kennedy project?

John F. Kennedy's public image was that of a war hero, a happily  married man and a devout Catholic. His political advisers wanted to  show the general public that JFK can c (MORE)

What was it called when sensational headlines such as the above image were used to spur the public emotions to sell more newspapers?

Yellow Journalism.   You ask the question as if it were only practiced in the past.  There are still a lot of papers that practice it - some only  occasionally - others (MORE)