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Does Paraguay have public schools?

  No. They have one giant school for all grades including coldge since paraguay is such a small place.   But if you was to get a diploma, you would have to go to N.Y.C (MORE)

Are public schools in the US free?

Unless you mean colleges, yes. Apart from expenses like school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, etc.) or any extra-curricular activites like soccer. Generally, anything public (MORE)

Is USC a public school?

The University of Southern California is a private school. The major public universities in California are the UC and CSU systems which include schools like UCLA and CSU-Long (MORE)

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How is Heritage Public School Delhi?

it is a very good school ... teachers are really experienced and infrastructure is also good ..... but there is also a minus point that there are no exams till 7th class ..... (MORE)

What are public schools?

public schools are a nice way to get your children an education with out haveing to pay a ton for the accual experience ( private schools). it may not be as good as other opt (MORE)