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How can public transportation be bad for the environment?

Most public transport, planes, trains, boats, buses and trams usually run on fossil fuels (coal, oil or natural gas) that release greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) (MORE)

Why do we need public transportation?

There are those who are less fortunate and they cant afford to buy  a car and afford gasoline, so they rely on paying tiny fees to take  a bus that takes them where they nee (MORE)
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Why is public transportation important to Russia?

Most people live in cities, and many do not own cars. There are  high populations in those cities that need to get around. Russia is  the largest country in the world, so ha (MORE)

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What are public forms of transportation?

Public forms of transportation are run by the city and allow someone to get from place to place. This type of transportation can be by bus, subway, taxi car, or amtrak. These (MORE)