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What is publicity?

It refers to the personal right (which may be inherited) of a person to have his or her name, likeness, or other identifiable characteristic (voice, gait, signoff, etc) used f ( Full Answer )
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Public Relation Vs Publicity?

Public relations refers to creation of positive interactionsbetween the public and an entity. Publicity simply refers tocreating awareness about something.
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The importance of publics in public relations?

The public is a very crucial aspect of public relations. Withoutthe public there would be no use for public relations. The PRspecialist communicates through public and media a ( Full Answer )
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What makes public policy public?

In that it affects the "public." in other words, a public policy connotes the origin of the policy i.e its only a declared position of the government that can qualify as a pol ( Full Answer )
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What are publics in public relations?

Public Relations is the process of initiating and maintaining mutual understanding between organizations and th e public.
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Why are publics important to public relations?

public relations means relation with public . there are many relations like: . political relation . actually national leaders make relation with public for the sake of winn ( Full Answer )
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What is a notary public and how is it public?

A notary public is a person who has applied and become licensed to act as a witness to another person's identity. Public simply infers that the notary is available to provide ( Full Answer )
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Is Public Prosecutor a Public Servant?

From what I can tell through the definition of a public servant, anyone who receives money on behalf of the state for services rendered. Yes, they are acting as public servant ( Full Answer )