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Why do puddles evaporate?

Puddles evaporate due to the random movement of some of the atoms. This causes some of the atoms to reach their "boiling point". Once this happens the molocules evaporate and (MORE)
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How do you measure a puddle?

i answered this question with, depth, width, temperature,volume, perimeter, length, and weigh, if anyone else has anymore answers please send them to andrew.mulcahy@sbcglobal. (MORE)
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What rhymes with puddle?

muddle, huddle, cuddle, shuttle The following words rhyme with puddle: . cuddle . huddle . muddle Some words rhyming with puddle are muddle, befuddle, cuddle, and hudd (MORE)
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What is a puddle lamp?

A puddle lamp is a light on the bottom of a car door that illuminates the ground when the door is openned. It lets you see what you are about to step in when you exit the car, (MORE)
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What is a puddle?

A puddle is a small pool of water, usually found on a road or path.
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What is a puddle whacker?

It is one of those kids who is in junior high school and still can't resist smacking puddles with a stick and making a muddy mess of himself in the process.
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Why do puddles dissapear?

Puddles are made of water. When the sun comes out after a rainstorm, the sun's rays of light have energy which then shines into the puddles. When liquid water receives enough (MORE)
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How do puddles disapear?

When a puddle is made after a while the sun will shine and the water of the puddle evaporates and becomes water vapour. It will join up with other parts of water vapour and be (MORE)
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Is puddles an adjective?

No, puddles is not an adjective. Puddles is a noun (plural form of puddle; a thing) and a verb (third person singular conjugation of puddle; an action). Noun: Some children (MORE)