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How do you measure a puddle?

i answered this question with, depth, width, temperature,volume, perimeter, length, and weigh, if anyone else has anymore answers please send them to andrew.mulcahy@sbcglobal. (MORE)

Can you drown in a puddle?

Bend down very very low and shove your face in the water. Or, you transform into an ant and commit suicide by swimming your own version of the river nile.
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Why do puddles dissapear?

Puddles are made of water. When the sun comes out after a rainstorm, the sun's rays of light have energy which then shines into the puddles. When liquid water receives enough (MORE)
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How do puddles disapear?

When a puddle is made after a while the sun will shine and the water of the puddle evaporates and becomes water vapour. It will join up with other parts of water vapour and be (MORE)

What is a chocolate puddle?

A chocolate puddle! Why, it is quite fasinating actually! Ok, so think about it like this - 12 years ago there was a small little chocolate fountain that wouldn't stop drippin (MORE)

How a puddle dry out?

Water evaporates when it gets warm and turns into a gas. When water is cooled, it freezes and turns to ice. Water in a small, shallow puddle warms up relatively fast, evaporat (MORE)
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Why do puddles disppear?

Evaporation! The water evaporates into the air because the sun produces heat and is then recycled to be used as rain.